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Home Of Amitie Lune
Guild Master: Cherity
Administrator: Glave
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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

- Henry Ford
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Make the website useful

CherityWow, Mar 11, 11 3:00 AM.
Hi Everyone
We have a nice website set up, lets make use of it. In the forums there are different categories. This is a great place to tell us if you need help or need mats or have mats to share.
We are currently working on a list of items that we feel would benefit everyone the most for the trade items, also enchants, glyphs, gems, etc.
You might want to go to the forums and add what your professions are and let your fellow guildies know how you can help them or vice versa.

Guild Rules
1. Have fun. Remember this is a game.
2. Respect. Treat others like you would want to be treated.
3. Watch language in guild chat. No cursing in forums.
4. No confrontations in guild chat. Take to whisper, if it cannot be resolved, ask an officer to mediate.
5. Signing up for events is a commitment, if you miss 3 unexcused times, you will not be asked again.
6. All gear must be gemmed and enchanted to participate in runs.
7. Vent is required for runs. No exceptions.
8. Anything racist will be an immediate removal from the guild.
9. Absolutely no begging or asking for gold from guild mates, if you neeed gold, work on your professions, sell things on the AH. Talk to friends or family, but leave out of guild.
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